ART NO:       191946DK

Description: Disposable Scrub set made of antibacterial non-woven is becoming more and more popular and replacing uniforms, as its low price and high quality reduce hospital and factory expenses.
Antibacterial non-woven  minimizes the transfer of bacteria from the infected aria.
New disposable suits help employees always have clean clothes at work, and at the same time the visual presentation will always be at the highest level.
Consumption time:       As long as it is clean.
Size:       S,   M,   L,   Xl
Color:  Dark Blue 
Classification: Class I, Medical Device & Food industry
Complies With: MDR-  EN 14683:2019 + AC:2019  &  EN 1935 food industrys.
Material:  Anti bacterial Non Woven, 45g /m2
Pant:  With rubber
Top:  V-neck
Packaging1 suit/ bag,  50 suits/ctn 
Manufacturer: EMS MEDICAL A/S.
Made in: DENMARK.


✔ Breathable

✔ Unisex

✔ Antibacterial Non-woven fabric

✔ Specific fabrics tested against cytotoxic