◈ In 2015, EMS start as a limited company (ApS) with a start capital of 6000 Euro.

◈ In 2018, 3% of EMS capital invest in Danish medicine development.

◈ In 2020, EMS published a new subsidiary company (EMS Medical ApS) with a capital of 300.000 euros.

EMS financial status
timeline of financial status

◈ EMS group expects potential growth in 2022 for its newly developed product present in December 2021.

◈ In 2021, EMS group published a new subsidiary stock company (EMS Lab A/S) with a capital of 202.000 Euro. EMS Lab expects in 2022 a turnover of 300.000 euros.

◈ EMS group expects a turnover of 4 Million Euro, in 2022.