Who we are

Located in Europe (Denmark);
EMS’s main shareholders are people with many years of experience in the health sector.

Since 2015, EMS has grown into one of the leaders in the production of medical protective and disposable devices on the market.

EMS commercializes its products only for professional use in hospitals, the health care sector, food factories, or by our trusted medical wholesalers to the clinics.

located in denmark, since 2015
monitoring market challenges with EMS Laboratory to develop innovative products

Our Team

Our international team has no borders on our services. Today, we have a constant flow of products from our factory to clients in Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East, who are looking for quality and safety.

As one of the innovative leaders in Europe, we are committed to regularly monitoring market challenges and in collaboration with EMS Laboratory, we are able to develop innovative products to benefit the consumers.

How you can get benefit from us


Increasing allergic reactions in healthcare professionals are becoming a serious problem and there is more focus on the situation in the healthcare sectors. EMS A/S is the only manufacturer with allergy-friendly products certified by Asthma Allergy Nordic


You are guaranteed that each batch has been tested in our laboratory by our professional laboratory technician in relation to standard EN 14386 and a COA is issued before shipment.


Employees' comfortability is important to lead to better concentration and thus better results. Our significant products are only produced with extra soft material, superior filtration, and superior breathability.